Sunday, April 6, 2008

RIP Derek Lovell- An NZ hero

"...New Zealand Fire Service corporate communications manager Scott Sargentina said Senior Station Officer Derek Lovell died from his injuries at Waikato Hospital.

Seven others from Mr Lovell's Hamilton-based crew were injured in the blast at Icepak Group's coolstore in suburban Tamahere on the southeast outskirts of the city..."


I don't use the term hero often- it's been seriously abused by the media.

These guys earn it all the time. Hell, anytime anything dangerous went down, I got to wait at a safe distance for them to bring the casualties out. I often saw firemen go into some real dodgey situations.

This time their number was up...

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gecko said...

I agree whole heartedly with you Oswald. They have amazing courage and do a fine job, such a shame to lose one.